Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Year Long Knitting Project

I am particpating in a year long knitting project. I have made made list in which in the end will include many different projects.

Goal by the end of July:

Baby Blanket

I have already finished 3 hats.

Below is the progess I have made

More projects to come and a bigger update on the full list of projects to be created this year.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Heart Breaks for People

Today I met a person that had an apartment with three small rooms, hardly anything in it, just the necessities. When visiting with this person they told me that they didn't have money for gas let alone money for cleaning supplies. My heart broke because I was there to help and to assess the situation to have someone come in and clean for them. My heart broke for the very reason that more than likely they didn't have money for food as well.

I work at a senior care agency. My job is to meet clients and assess needs for them. Many times I come back to the office and tears come to my eyes talking about the life situations seniors are in. Today, I wanted to be able to make an impact on this person's life by helping in a way that I couldn't because we can't provide cleaning supplies or a new vacuum; resources are limited.

It is not right that seniors have to live in the situations they do. They are the marginalize; can be forgotten and justice should be brought to those in need.

Simplify my life by going through things I don't use and donate them. Continue to pray for the people I come in contact with everyday. Don't overlook the marginalized they need to be loved just as God loves us. Maybe someday start a fund for seniors to provide essential needs for them.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our imperfections make us unique

Last night at work, was taking a piece of equipment over to the person that was washing dishes. Now this object is awkward, heavy, and hot with hot oil in it; called the fry holder. I was going around the corner when I stepped on a tray that was on the floor and a box that was on the other side of me. My automatic reaction was to hurry and get up, keep going until a co-worker said “Alisha your bleeding.” Calmly I raised my apron to my chin while others went to get help. It wasn’t until someone told me that I had to sit down that I did.

At that moment, sitting there, just after seeing my chin I started to cry first of all because I knew that there would be a scar, I would physically be imperfect. So I cried for two seconds until the thought came to me it would be alright.

From this experience:

God uses imperfect people everyday. He loves you despite what you have done and are going to do. Appearance isn’t everything and if you truly love yourself; your imperfections are meaningless because God gives you purpose and meaning in life; to love God, yourself and others. It’s not about us anyway and God loves me for me, even if I will have a scar on my face for the rest of this earthly life.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Biking for a Cause

Today I biked to work not only to save on gas money but also to prepare for a bike ride I am doing this summer with a group of others. It is called Pedal for a Purpose. We are raising money to provide jobs in Jackson, MS. The money will go towards starting a business for installing solar panels.

When I first heard about the ride I was excited because it was impacting a community. When I heard where it made the purpose so much more than just a bike ride from Orange City, IA to Jackson, MS in the middle of the summer. Fact is I love Jackson, MS and the people there a few years ago back in college I went there twice once as a team member and the next year as a team leader on a service project. What better way to impact a community outside of college.

So back to riding my bike. I love it! It is time spend outside, in creation and makes you slow down and enjoy it for once.

Check out my fundraising page and feel free to support me.